amGardS40 is the latest range of safety interlock switches from Fortress Interlocks. Manufactured in 316 stainless steel, the range is modular in design, allowing a wide range of safety interlock switches to be configured to suit many industrial applications. The choice of configurations include:


  • Solenoid Locking Safety Switches

  • Solenoid Locking Safety Switches with internal release

  • Solenoid Locking Safety Switches with “safety keys” (for personnel protection)

  • Solenoid Locking Safety Switches with machine control

  • Non-Solenoid Tongue Switches

  • Non-Solenoid Tongue Switches with machine control

  • Mechanical Trapped Key Interlocks

  • Machine Control Stations


The range is supplied in enclosures sealed to IP69K making it suitable to be pressure washed at high temperatures and has a retention force of 10,000N (greatest on the market) so it is ideal for ensuring guard doors are held closed until machines and/or processes are in a safe condition. Each module has a slim body design of 40mm so that it can be easily fitted to 50mm guarding sections or areas where space is limited. 



The strongest interlock switch in the world


The highest level of actuator misalignment on the market


TUV approved to PLe


Safety key option prevents unexpected startup


Modular design allows a flexible approach to machine safety


amGardpro is the ultimate range of safety gate switches, from Fortress Interlocks. The range has a unique modular construction which allows easy configuration and provides total electro-mechanical solutions for practically any safeguarding application up to EN ISO 13849-1, Category 4, PLe (SIL3).  This range of safety component products has been 3rd party approved by TUV SUD


With its unrivaled design concept, amGardpro offers a range of fully integrated safety interlocks, including solenoid and non-solenoid reliability are of paramount switches complete with a host of additional options including key control modules, internal and escape release, redundant sensors, lock out/tag out and push buttons, estops and indication lights for enhanced functionality, all assembled in one device. The robust construction of this range makes it ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications when safety, strength and


The amGardpro system replaces all adaptions normally fitted within a guarding system, such that additional hardware like door catches, actuators, closing mechanisms, internal release mechanisms, key functions including authorized access and deadlocks are no longer needed. All of these separate functions can be incorporated into amGardpro configurations, resulting in the most flexible safety gate switch solution available for today's industrial environment.





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