From the development of the world’s first steam boiler meter to innovations that ushered in the age of distributed processing, the Bailey name has long been associated with excellence in control and instrumentation. Founded in 1916 by the US inventor Ervin G. Bailey, the company soon grew to become a global force in automation.

Power Entry Panels

Product Description:


The IEPEP01 and IEPEP02 Power Entry Panels connect a single 120/240 VAC (50/60 hertz) line power to an INFI 90 system cabinet and distribute power to the power modules and fan assembly. The IEPEP01 panel has no circuit breakers, but the IEPEP02 panel does. There are two terminal blocks on each panel. One is for line input, the other for output to the input power bus bar for distribution to the power modules.


The power entry panel has surge suppression and filtering to protect the power modules. An internal circuit board monitors input line voltage. It generates a power fail interrupt (PFI) signal for low AC line or a loss of voltage. The panel mounts in any standard 19-inch rack frame.




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