A pneumatic valve used to control the "Tracking" of belts while they are in motion automatically. The belt rubs against a ceramic sleeve which operates the valve to keep the belt centered and running true. The Valve works with compressed air and operates a double acting cylinder or a pair of bellows cylinders depending on the application. The standard is bellows cylinders owing to their simplicity, long life, and zero maintenance. These cylinders pivot one of the rollers in the conveyor/filter system, thus guiding the belt/cloth. The CAMTAC® Tracking Valve incorporates a belt saving safety feature, which either breaks or bends the valve shaft if a problem arises with the belt.


  • All  Stainless   Steel construction

  • Available in 303 and 316   Stainless   Steel

  • PTFE bearings for less friction


  • Quick Install (10-15 Min. depending on environment)

  • Belt saving paddle connection

  • Operating pressure from 0.5 bar to 4 bar (7 psi to 58 psi) and can operate in temperatures from -150°C (-238°F) to 60°C (140°F)

  • No lubrication necessary

  • Wear-resistant   round ceramic paddle for longer service life

  • Valve mounting kit included

  • Choice of pneumatic fittings as per customer requirements

  • Universal valve available on request (can be mounted both sides of the belt)

  • No user serviceable parts

  • Guaranteed for one year



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